ASSA-i Survey on Explosive Detection Dogs

In the Summer of 2018, ASSA-i launched a survey to its members regarding EDD and EDD teams, for 3 main 3 reasons: - to help better understand the challenges for EDD teams, in particular in the field of quality control measures and certification process. - to benchmark and update our industry  knowledge and understanding of EDD development and operational practices implemented in Europe;- to decide if there is a need to revert to the relevant authorities, in order that EDD teams continue to successfully and effectively mitigate the current and future threats. The results of the questionnaire showed the need for ASSA-i to take action on elements related to quality control of EDD Teams. The outcome of the survey indicates that there is a need for clarification, in order to reach a consistent approach towards the quality control process and procedures of the EDD Teams. Based on ASSA-i’s analysis of the detailed responses, there seem to be dissimilar operational patterns among Member States, mainly regarding the location of the EDD Teams’ Quality Control (hereafter QC).

ASSA-i will discuss with the Commission on ways and means to support the industry with a clear and unambiguous interpretation as well as practical elements related to the application of EDD quality control measures.