Established in 2002, ASSA-i is the single voice for aviation security providers. Its vision is professional, efficient and seamless security services for individuals, luggage and cargo, so that people and goods can fly safely and securely.  To this end, ASSA-i’s members constantly seek to optimise security solutions, where both technology and people are selected and combined to provide high quality security.

The Aviation Security Services Association – international is a non-profit association representing the private security companies that provide security services at airports. The aim of ASSA-i is to promote the interests of the aviation security providers in national, European and International fora and to promote high-quality security services.

ASSA-i was set up in 2002, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to be the single voice of private security providers and, as such, to promote high quality standards and professionalism in aviation security.

The association’s purpose is to promote the interests of the aviation security providers, which are members of the association. The members’ activities have an international scope and include the surveillance and protection of civil aviation, in particular as regards the inspection of individuals, luggage and cargo, as well as any other relevant security action.

ASSA-i’s 4 strategic goals are:

  1. To develop the association to be representative of high quality and professional companies;
  2. To represent and promote ASSA-i and the industry it stands for, and influence decision-makers and stakeholders in setting rules and regulations that support the values promoted by ASSA-i: quality, safety, compliance, trust;
  3. To become the aviation security services’ Information / Expertise Center by collecting and disseminating relevant information, facts and figures;
  4. To set the highest quality standard for the industry and promote it to both the ASSA-i Members and relevant stakeholders.