CyberSecurity of Screening Equipment ECAC Best Practice to be published soon

At the Cybersecurity in Transport Conference, organised in Lisbon on 23 January, Carla Pinto, Chair of Security Forum at outlined the ECAC’s work to cyber security.

The ECAC’s study Group on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation (CYBER) includes representatives from civil aviation authorities, some national cyber security centres, civil aviation organisations in Europe as well as industry representatives. It combines aviation security, aviation safety and cyber security perspectives. It is important to note that cyber security is considered another layer of aviation security.

The CYBER Security Study Group aims to address cyber risks to aviation and develop strategies and guidance materials.  The Group is revising the ECAC’s document on Cyber Threats to Civil Aviation and is developing Guidance material.  

During the whole day on cybersecurity in transport, ECAC was the only organisation that referred to the Insider Threat and also indicated that Best Practices on the cyber security aspect of security screening equipment would soon be published.  ASSA-i will follow up on this.